Friday, October 11, 2013

Belajar Bahasa Inggris ( Reading & Answer ) What day is it ?

Short Story : What day is it ?

Michael is from Canada. He is 27  years old. He lives in Toronto. He is a Sales Person. He works in an office. He is tall and good looking. He is not married. His birthday is on December 3. He speaks English ang French. He goes to his family every December 25 for Christmas. On mother’s day he visit his mother, on father’s day he visits his father. He is a good son.


1. How old is Michael ?
2. Where does he live ?
3. What does he look like ?
4. What does he do ?
5. Where does he work ?

6. When is his birthday ?
7. Does he speak Italian ?
8. Does he visit his family on Christmas day ?
9. Who does he visit on mother’s day ?
10. Who does he visit on father’s day ?

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