Saturday, October 19, 2013

Belajar Menterjemahkan Dalam Bahasa Inggris ( What Are You Wearing ? )

What Are You Waring ?

Today is important day for David. He is starting a new job. He is a manager in a big firm. His new office is in the city. He is tall and handsome. He has black short hair and blue big eyes. Today he is wearing a black trouser and a black jacket. His shoes are black. He looks great.


1. Why is today important for Davis ?
2. What is Davis’s job ?
3. Where is his new office ?
4. Is he short ?
5. Is he handsome ?

6. What colour is his hair ?
7. What colour are his eyes ?
8. What is he wearing today ?
9. What colour are his shoes ?
10. How does she look ?

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